Workout Wednesday (belated, sorry!)- Good Morning, Body!


This quick workout is a nice little Good Morning burn to wake you up in the morning or after a long period of sitting down at work. It’s perfect for these cold Melbourne mornings were getting out of bed is tantamount to an ice bath. Basically, it’s a HELLO to your body and a little message to say that you know it wants to move and GET WARM! (You can tell I’m feeling the change in weather, can’t you?!)

Perform 1 minute of each exercise, back to back.

Jumping Jacks
Plank Jacks
Walking Pushups (Both hands on a step, one hand on ground, both hands on ground, other hand on step, both hands on step)
Lunges (1 minute each leg)
Plie’ Pulses
Twist side planks
Knee repeaters
High Knees

And it’s done, within 10 minutes! If you like, you could shorten the work time to 45 seconds and have 15 seconds of rest between each exercise. You can also make this a full length workout by taking one minute after finishing the 10 exercises above and then repeat it twice through (with another minute between the 2nd and 3rd set).

Feel free to add weights to these exercises as well, to challenge yourself further but it’s not necessary! Your body weight is enough!

Let me know how you go!!



Workout Wednesday- Boxed in!

I got to gym a bit early for my Monday evening HIIT class so I decided to whip out a quick EMOM which was super fun and challenging. Give it a go next time you’re short on time and wanting a quick burn.

It’s pretty flexible too, so adapt it for what you have.

Set a timer to go off every minute for 12 minutes (or however long you have or want- I just had 12 minutes until my class!).

At the start of every minute, perform 10 reps of the exercise (both sides if applicable). After completing the 10 reps, do box jumps until the minute is up.


KB Swings
Elevated Push Ups
Weighted Russian Twists
KB Squats
KB One Armed Rows
Side Plank Rotations
Elevated Glute Bridges
KB Upright Row
BB Hang Clean
Medicine Ball Slams
Sit Up

Let me know how you go!!