Workout Wednesday (belated, sorry!)- Good Morning, Body!


This quick workout is a nice little Good Morning burn to wake you up in the morning or after a long period of sitting down at work. It’s perfect for these cold Melbourne mornings were getting out of bed is tantamount to an ice bath. Basically, it’s a HELLO to your body and a little message to say that you know it wants to move and GET WARM! (You can tell I’m feeling the change in weather, can’t you?!)

Perform 1 minute of each exercise, back to back.

Jumping Jacks
Plank Jacks
Walking Pushups (Both hands on a step, one hand on ground, both hands on ground, other hand on step, both hands on step)
Lunges (1 minute each leg)
Plie’ Pulses
Twist side planks
Knee repeaters
High Knees

And it’s done, within 10 minutes! If you like, you could shorten the work time to 45 seconds and have 15 seconds of rest between each exercise. You can also make this a full length workout by taking one minute after finishing the 10 exercises above and then repeat it twice through (with another minute between the 2nd and 3rd set).

Feel free to add weights to these exercises as well, to challenge yourself further but it’s not necessary! Your body weight is enough!

Let me know how you go!!



Boot Camp for Burma!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to get me into the habit of writing regularly. Why did I want to write regularly, you might ask? Well, beyond the obvious benefits of improving my writing flow, fluency and depth, improving my vocabulary, strengthening my voice and developing my online presence; I wanted to start writing on the reg so that I continue this habit when I go to Thailand later this year.

Image result for thai freedom house

And later this year is rapidly approaching. Last Friday was the 3 months to go point. That’s less than 90 days. Writing that made my heart skip all sorts of beats. It’s been such a long process and now that departure is getting closer and closer to being here, everything is starting to feel extremely real. I’ve paid for the majority of my trip (the only thing I have to pay for is food, activities and accommodation in the places I choose to “hop off” at during the travel portion of my journey, and my flights home), I know when I’m applying for my visa, I have my cards and phone sorted, my gym membership is set to finish on the day I leave (last minute bootcamp, yes please!) and I’ve started figuring out the points of my journey which I linger over and those which I’ll breeze through. That said, I want this plan to remain flexible enough for unplanned excursions to take place and to allow for locations I never knew about to capture my heart and never let it go.

While all the travel planning is desperately exciting, what I am most looking forward to is my time at Thai Freedom House which will make up the bulk of my trip. The Thai Freedom House is a “non-government, not-for-profit, language and arts community learning center in Northern Thailand dedicated to assisting families and individuals who are refugees from Burma and members of minority groups of Thailand.” They work specifically with these people to ensure that they don’t become victims of exploitation, trafficking, harassment, gang violence, or the poverty cycle. There are plenty of complex reasons behind the mistreatment of Burmese refugees in Thailand and I encourage you to pay the Thai Freedom House website a visit to learn some info about the issues inherent in the refugee/immigration situation.

I have always had a heart for refugees and asylum seekers and the way our own (Australian) government treats these marginalised and often highly damaged people disgusts me. I refuse to sit back and watch and am hoping to one day work more closely with community groups to raise awareness, advocate and educate. My decision to work with such a grassroots group instead of a more well known, “voluntourism” organisation is a part of that process. I want to learn from the people I’m working with, not just provide a few English lessons a week.

I also went with the Thai Freedom House because of their volunteer program and the fact that all the money I spend on said program will go straight to those I’m teaching, not on shiny brochures. It’s transparent and it’s real. It’s also got real needs. Receiving no government funding and only earning money from donations and their on site café and op shop, Thai Freedom House struggles at times to pay rent and ensure the minimal staff receive payment.

This is also the reason I held my “Bootcamp for Burma” earlier this month! I knew I wanted to raise money for TFH and I love fitness so I decided to combine my two passions and run a charity “pay what you feel” boot camp on Labour Day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had about 15 people come along to get their sweat on while simultaneously doing a good deed, as well as multiple other people donate money even though they couldn’t attend due to being away (or not willing to workout- which is FINE!)

It was an incredible session and everyone gave it their all, spurring each other on and encouraging their friends and team mates to push just a bit harder.

Not counting the donations people made directly to TFH online (which I have no way of tracking so THANKYOU if you did!), I raised about $500, all of which is to be donated directly to the organisation.

Thank you so much if you came along and donated, or if you just donated! It was such a great morning and I hope the sore muscles were an acceptable price to pay in exchange for knowing you’ve improved the lives of vulnerable children and families in Thailand.

I’m hoping to do another boot camp session before I go to raise more money for the program so please stay tuned and stay awesome.

Amy xx

Workout Wednesday. One minute wonderland!

Today’s workout sounds a lot quicker and easier than it is.

You have six exercises. There are six rounds. There are 60 seconds in a minute. What do you think the routine is?

Any guesses?

Well, today you’re going to be doing an exercise for a minute, an exercise for 50 seconds, an exercise for 40 seconds, an exercise for 30 seconds, an exercise for 20 seconds and an exercise for 10 seconds before resting for 30 seconds and starting all over again, but chasing yourself.

So, what I mean by that is that the exercise you did for 10 seconds is now the 1 minute exercise, the 1 min is 50 seconds and so on.

You do this 6 times through so that you do every exercise for a minute by the end.

You can pick and choose the exercises but I did:

High Knees

It’s a fun, fast, furious workout which can be targeted to suit whatever area of your body you want to work- or if you follow the above structure- the whole body! Give it a whirl… it’s just one minute!


6 minute Boxing Blast- ~Workout Wednesday~

So, in an effort to maintain a solid blogging routine, I’ve decided that in addition to Fiction Friday/English Advice Friday and Make it Monday, I’m also going to aim to publish a workout every Wednesday!

This one is one I came up with to give me a bit of a cardio blast while I was completing my usual weights routine. It could be done by itself, or like I did, performed in between each strength exercise before using it as a burnout at the end. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Equipment required: Boxing gloves and punching bag if using. Wall. Exercise Mat (optional)

1 min of straight punches (on punching bag or just shadow boxing)
1 min plank
1 min upper cuts
1 min wall sit
1 min hooks
1 min hand stand on wall- if this isn’t doable, substitute for a reverse plank or a glute bridge.

That’s it! No rest between exercises, just hard and fast, straight through.

As an example, here’s what my session yesterday looked like.

Deadlifts: 5sets of 6 reps
Boxing Blast
Bulgarian Split Squats: 4 sets of 12 reps
Boxing Blast
Neutral Grip Pull Ups: 5 sets of 6 reps
Boxing Blast
Shoulder Press: 5 sets of 6 reps
Boxing Blast
Weighted Boxed Glute Bridge: 3 sets of 15 reps
Boxing Blast- 3 times through! No rest between sets!

It was a great session and I certainly felt it. It’s awesome because you can make it easier or harder as you need to. Plank on your knees, add a weight plate to your wall sit, come away from the wall in the hand stand… Be creative and HAVE FUN!

Keep moving,

Amy xx