Exploring my own city- Manchester Unity Building

When I was a child, I would often “make believe” I was an explorer, adventuring through the unknown- discovering new and exciting places, people and things. During swimming lessons, I would transform into a diver in search of hidden underwater caves and the treasures these subterranean finds would hold.

While I no longer “make believe” (much…) I still love going on mini adventures, discovering places, people and things which thrill me to my bone. I thought I’d share some of these adventurings of one of my best loved locations- my home, my city, my heart land though not my homeland- Melbourne. I guess as I move ever closer to my leaving date (NEXT MONTH!) I find myself wanting to reflect on the places I currently reside and not become too obsessed with what is to come, but to still enjoy the now.

The first adventure I want to share is the stunning Manchester Unity Building.

I had first heard of the tours which they run there when some friends of mine went on a brunch and tour exploration last year during which they were treated to some delicious food and a, by all accounts, fascinating tour of what is now a seriously glam and upmarket dentist (they count the Collingwood football team amongst their clients… along with other less needy patients) but was once the place to see and be seen in Melbourne town.

I knew I had to go. I’ve always walked past that glorious Art Deco facade and wondered what it was like inside but never had the inclination or the cash to get my teeth checked within its walls. So, when Christmas rolled around, I bought my Mumsy an afternoon tea and tour package which included a delicious cheese platter, sparkles, tea, coffee and a little cake for each of us along with the tour.

While it was a horrific day in terms of weather, the tour was incredible and the building itself, beautiful. The dentist who owns the company has put a lot of time and money into restoring this stunning building to its former glory, refurbishing and reversing the evils of 1970s minimalism and neglect. He’s even gone so far as to import the same materials that were originally used in construction at great expense and effort.

It’s certainly paid off and I’m very envious of the staff who get to sit around the most glorious board room I’ve ever seen and have their Christmas parties on the spectacular (though when we went, cold and exceptionally wet) terrace.

The tour finished with us receiving a little gift bag of information about the building and the dentist and a discount voucher for dental work. I may just have to get my next check up while wearing a flapper dress and practicing the charleston. Do join me!



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