5 Minute Friday- Slow

If you’re a regular reader, you know the drill. Friday is my day to take 5 minutes to do some free writing based on a prompt provided by the wonderful Kate Motaung and share it with the whole 5 minute Friday community. Today’s prompt is slow.


steps unfurl in front of me
like commas on stuck together pages and line
breaks between

words that make me-


But I don’t.

And the wave seems to freeze as the sand dune splashes over my half closed eyes and suddenly-

or not-

suddenly the world starts to revolve around the poles again and
lights seem to switch again
and fights seem to spark again
and the tightness of my chest seems to break

and maybe that stuck page I ripped in half in my haste was the paste which held together this life and now, the peace of a slower pace is lost until the next stubborn sheet appears and maybe this time, the paperial defiance will stop me in my tracks-


4 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday- Slow

  1. Stunning writing today…not surprised I enjoyed your work last week too! Have a beautiful weekend! Visiting again from FMF. 🙂


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