5 Minute Friday- Weak

If you’re a regular reader, you know the drill. Friday is my day to take 5 minutes to do some free writing based on a prompt provided by the wonderful Kate Motaung and share it with the whole 5 minute Friday community. Today’s prompt is weak.

My hands fly across the knobs and buttons- measuring the exact amount of froth that my customers so love to wipe off their top lip and the rim of their empty cup. My eyes don’t even blink as I manoeuvre around my colleagues- the steady streams of milk, coffee, syrup, chocolate, chai pouring into the waiting cups- regular, keep, keep, tall, extra tall, piccolo, triple sh-

“weak, decaf soy latte with three sugars, thanks”

Everything stops and order #217 gets a duck swimming across their cappuccino instead the intended swan.

Only one person orders that coffee.

The rest of my customers fade into the hustle and hubbub of the morning rush as I stand frozen, milk jug in hand.

He’s back.


4 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday- Weak

  1. Hope his being back is a good thing. 🙂 Brings to my mind when I was a server and a certain person came back into my life. It wasn’t a great thing unfortunately, but it caused me to do one of the strongest things I needed to do…move 3,000 miles away.

    I enjoyed your post and all the hustle and bustle it brought in before an enormous pause.

    Dropping by from FMF

    Have a good weekend!


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