Workout Wednesday! That Sally Song…

There are some workouts that I love to hate and yet, love going back to.

They’re generally super challenging, short in length, able to be added to a longer workout as a finisher and/or super fun.

One of these workouts was introduced to me during the HIIT sessions at my fantastic gym, Pinnacle Health Club. It was introduced as a song based workout which lasts for 3:30secs. I was skeptical to begin with but soon my fears were allayed- this would be hard. If you’ve never encountered the “Sally” challenge… well. You’re about to.

The song in question is “Flower” by Moby. It’s very repetitive and the lyrics are basically the instructions for your workout which makes it a lot easier than other song based workouts in which you have to remember what to do when which just is NOT one of my skill sets.

The lyrics you have to pay attention to are:

Bring Sally Up
Bring Sally Down
Lift and squat, gotta tear the ground

In the most common form of the workout, you squat down (with or without weight depending on your level) when it says bring Sally down and stand up when it says bring Sally up. During the bridge, stay holding the squat or perform pulses. Simple! (Until the burn kicks in!) But you can be comforted by the fact it only lasts for 3:30.

There are also other exercises you can sub in for squats, such a lunges, bench press, plank to push ups, TRX rows, overhead press, push ups, sit ups, glute bridges… So many options! Just ensure that whenever you’re told to bring Sally down that this movement is the part of the exercise which is the challenge which may mean you’re going up when it says to go down (think TRX rows or glute bridges. If you go down in a glute bridge it means that the holding time during the bridge will be when you’re just lying on the ground.) I know. It’s confusing but you’ll get it. Don’t worry.

If you’re still unsure, search “Sally challenge” or “Sally workout” on youtube. There are some excellent examples you can watch for ideas or um… eye candy.

You can use it as a finisher or you could add a few different Sally challenges together to make a full body sweat session.

Let me know what exercises you try it with!


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