[Vegan, Refined SF, Healthy] Pear and Coconut Dessert Hummus ~Make it Monday~

The other day, my mum and I went to a lovely kitchen tea and were asked to bring a platter of nibbles. I decided to experiment with a dessert hummus to go on the fruit platter after reading this article on SBS. I’d also experimented with the delicious healthy cookie dough dip from Chocolate Covered Katie and had great success (even with my playing around which so often brings me unstuck).

So, in the spirit of new beginnings and great partnerships (and some leftovers needing to be used) I came up with this little recipe. Feel free to use it as inspiration to create your own dessert hummus, because is there anything better than a healthy dessert?

I think not!*


1 can of chickpeas
1/4 ripe pear
Most of the flesh from a small, young coconut (that you just drunk the water from like you were on a tropical island)
Mixed spice
3 pitted dates (or more to taste)/sweetener of choice
If needed: handful of raw nuts or oats, if not needed to be GF
Handful of sultanas

Blend the chickpeas, pear and coconut together
Add the spices to taste (go easy on the cardamom and the turmeric! It’s strong!)
Add in the nuts/oats if needed to thicken the mixture (mine was v coconutty at this stage)
Blend in the dates or sweetener until all ingredients are combined and taste delicious!
Finally, stir through the sultanas, serve in a dish with some chopped raw nuts and dried rose petals.

It’s really nice to spread on/dip fresh fruit into, like apples, apricots, strawberries etc! It’s also good with plain, sweet crackers like Marie biscuits etc.

Or you know… with a spoon. By itself. Standing in front of the fridge.

Either, or.


Amy xx

*Apart from the lovely couple I made this in honour of!! Congrats Daniel and Laura!



2 thoughts on “[Vegan, Refined SF, Healthy] Pear and Coconut Dessert Hummus ~Make it Monday~

  1. Fascinating, I would have never thought a sweet hummus would be good, but now I’m intrigued. Where do you get a coconut from? And how did you get it open? In Sri Lanka, they use machetes, and that just terrifies me!!


    1. I know! But it’s actually delicious!
      You can get them in most super markets and green grocers. I get mine from Bushy Park but I’ve seen them in Coles and Woolies!
      Meat cleaver. It is TERRIFYING


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