17 in 2017

I’ve always been a bit of a hipster- as a high school student I railed against the “mainstream” and said I hated anything to do with pop music or chick flicks (when in fact, some of these things were entirely pleasurable), instead listening to punk rock which was just like, so hard core and cool,  you know (excuse me while I vomit in my mouth). When I was losing weight, I refused to use the word “journey” in rebellion to the obsession with that word that the Biggest Loser and other reality shows had fostered. In fact, my weightloss hashtag was #ihatethewordjourney.

I guess this post of things I intend to do/change in 2017 is in a similar vein, though I like to think I’m much less elitist than I was. My reason for not liking the idea of New Years Resolutions is the idea that one needs to change and most of the NYR I’ve seen are non-specific image related goals. I don’t like the self defeating nature of them and how they always seem to lead to guilt.

So, instead I’m going to be focusing on 17 things which I can continue or strive toward in this coming year. Some are very specific to my adventure this year, some are more general. Some are new goals, some are continued from last year. Here goes:

  1. Move everyday (continued from last year)
  2. Don’t weigh myself (continued from last year)
  3. Write a sentence a day
  4. Do a 100kg deadlift by the time I leave for Thailand
  5. Blog at least once a week
  6. Engage in the spoken word/literary community
  7. Don’t buy any clothes before I leave for Thailand
  8. Do something which scares me once a month
  9. Choose 2 cookbooks a month to cook from
  10. Read through the Psalms
  11. Use social media less but more intentionally
  12. Read what I want, when I want (continued from last year)
  13. Talk to strangers (continued from last year)
  14. Blog regularly while in Thailand
  15. Walk, ride and catch public transport more, drive less
  16. Eat intuitively
  17. Use my Passion Planner

Hopefully I’ll be able to see these through to the end of the year- some will only be relevant until I leave for Thailand and some will be relevant the whole year. Some will be more challenging than others and some may not actually happen. That’s the exciting thing about the new year; you don’t know what it will bring.

What are your intentions for this year?

Amy xx


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