Starting anew

This is probably the fifth blog I’ve started in as many years.

I’ve tried to start an education blog, a letter writing blog, a fat-shion blog, a fitness blog… but it’s never stuck. I get too busy, too preoccupied, too lazy, feel too inadequate when I look at other blogs in the sphere and then fall apart and neglect my poor blogger-wordpress-tumblr-xanga(lol) to the depths of the interwebz where it lies in wait for people to stumble upon it, ignorant of the antique status of the page they just dredged up.

But this time is different. It’s a new beginning. I’ve just finished up at my previous place of work and bid it and the lifestyle it demanded (or rather, that I demanded of myself) farewell.

For the last four years, I’ve been teaching Secondary English and History to students ranging from 12-18. It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve loved it. However, it is exhausting and as I went from school, straight to uni, back to school I’m starting to feel it. To emphasise the feeling of being in the one system for a very long time, I was also teaching at the school I attended as a student. I loved it there and it was a sad goodbye but I know that it’s time to move on, explore other passions and gain some of that oft-lauded “life experience” everyone talks about.

This blog is to assist me in that endeavour. I’ll be writing on the various components of my life that really determine my identity- education, fitness, food, faith, human rights issues and other more personal posts. It may include snippets of my personal writing- poetry and prose have both been known to grace my page and it will definitely include what will seem like the ramblings of a mad woman.

I’ll be posting recipes, reviews, reflections and the odd rant.

The other thing which will help me in my attempt to gain life experience is what I’m dubbing My Ultimate Adventure.

Next year, I’m travelling over to Chiang Mai, Thailand to volunteer with Burmese Refugees and teach English in that setting. After the 6 month placement is complete, I’ll be travelling around SEA, specifically Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and (hopefully) Myanmar and Singapore (if I can stretch my funds that far).

The planning process and the experience itself will also documented on this humble blog as both an assistance to others who are considering similar journeys and also to spread awareness of the organisation I’ll be working with- Thai Freedom House.

So, we shall see. I’ve finished my year on a high note; I have a banging new hair cut, an exciting casual job, a great fitness routine, a lot of freedom, not a lot of funds and most excitingly, a deep trust that God will take me where He wants me and a willingness to go there- sans the feet dragging that I may have employed in the past.

Please follow along on here and interact with me as much as you so desire.

Keep smiling

Amy xx


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